Solidaritätsbekundung mit der Opposition in Belarus

Tim Tugendhat hat im Namen der SPD Heidelberg die nachstehende Solidaritätsbekundung mit der Oppositionsbewegung in Belarus zum Neujahr verlesen. Unsere Botschaft wurde dort über einen Radiosender der Opposition ausgestrahlt:

Dear people of Belarus, this is a message from your friends in Germany. 

My name is Tim Tugendhat and I am speaking on behalf of the Social Democratic Party in Heidelberg, a city in southern Germany. I was asked to record a message for New Year’s Eve to be passed on to you, our freedom-loving neighbours.

As the year draws to a close, mostly bad news come to mind: The COVID-19 pandemic certainly dominated the headlines  in our country alongside news about your country’s fight for freedom and justice.

We should all realise that this fight is not bad news, but good.

Because this year brought something new to your country: Hope. Hope for a better future.

You, the brave people of Belarus, started to stand up to a corrupt and authoritarian regime that dared one too many times to ignore the voice of the people. Protests and strikes after the fake election have been brutally beaten up by the police and military.

Do not think that your struggle has gone unnoticed:

We see you.

We are your brothers and sisters in your fight against fascism. Your fight is our fight.

We stand united with you in your struggle for freedom and democracy.

Therefore every free person should take up your cry:

жыве беларус!

жыве Еўропа!

жыве свабода!

Thank you, may your dreams come true in 2021.“